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  • İletişim | | İstanbul-türkiye

    Our Working Hours MONDAY 08.00-20.00 _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b3b-136bad _cc781905-5cde-3194- ccde-3194cf13631365c5cf3b31994cbdc13653155cf -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ SALI 08.00-20.00 WEDNESDAY 08.00-20.00 THURSDAY 08.00-20.00 _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b3b-136bad _cc781905-5cde-3194- ccde-3194cf13631365c5cf3b31994cbdc13653155cf -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ FRIDAY 08.00-20.00 SATURDAY 08.00-20.00 SUNDAY OFF LOAD LIFT location Address Besyol Mah. Cami Sokak No:24/4(E5 YANYOL) KÜÇÜKÇEKMECE/İSTANBUL phone Telephone +90(0212) 931 36 60 +90(0532) 057 96 60 mail E-mail Name Last name E-mail Message: Send Facebook twitter Instagram

  • HİDROLİK VİLLA ASANSÖRÜ | Hidrolik Asansör

    HYDRAULIC HOME LIFT VILLA ELEVATOR Homelift elevator systems are the preferred elevator system in villa-style detached houses. Homelift elevator is aesthetic, it increases the quality of the area where it is used. Platform type home elevators can be easily installed almost anywhere as they come with their own carrier shafts and do not require a machine room or shaft. .

  • Hi̇droli̇k Valf | | İstanbul

    Hydraulic Valve Hydraulic valves are used to manipulate the flow of hydraulic fluid within a hydraulic circuit and are mechanically or electronically activated. Directional Control Valves are the most commonly used valves in hydraulic systems. Control valves direct the hydraulic fluid flow from the pump to the actuators or other parts of the hydraulic circuit. Control valves return to their neutral state by a spring or are held in each position by a holding mechanism. These hydraulic valves are often used to control the direction of a hydraulic motor or cylinder; they can also perform other functions in a circuit. DUTIES: Hydraulic valves direct the fluid medium relative to the hydraulic system. They come in varying sizes according to International Standards. In a given hydraulic system, hydraulic valves perform different functions and keep the system working well. The three basic models of hydraulic valves are pressure control, flow control and directional control hydraulic valves. They all have a specific function in the hydraulic system and their names are self-explanatory. These three types of valves are smooth in operation and performance and work throughout the system.

  • Ürünler | | İstanbul

    _cc781905-5cde-3194-136bad5cf58d_ _cc781905-5cde-3194-5cde-3194-bb3b-1378dcler-bad5cf HYDRAULIC UNIT The hydraulic power unit is the complex part that provides the hydraulic energy needed by the system in hydraulic systems. Details HYDRAULIC VALVE Hydraulic valves are used to manipulate the flow of hydraulic fluid within a hydraulic circuit and are mechanically or electronically activated. Details HYDRAULIC CYLINDER Hydraulic cylinders are circuit elements that convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy and are used to obtain linear motion. Details HYDRAULIC PANEL Hydraulic control panels are manufactured with 3 different engine driving techniques, which will drive the hydraulic systems optimally. Details

  • Hi̇droli̇k Engelli̇ Platformu | | İstanbul

    DISABLED PLATFORM We manufacture handicapped elevators in the form of stairs or platforms so that people with disabilities can easily climb stairs or similar heights. With the mechanism attached to the edge of the stairs, it makes it easier to go up and down between floors. This type of elevators are generally used in homes, workplaces and villas. Apart from these, the necessity of transportation vehicles such as metro and tram stops has been realized and these elevators have started to become widespread in these areas as well. Disabled lifts have versions that can operate vertically in short distances, as well as versions that can be applied with stairs. The type that can be applied to the stairs can go up to about 7 floors. Disabled elevators can be produced in the desired color and size indoors or outdoors. In disabled elevators, the buttons are placed on the elevator in a way that provides convenience to the user. Apart from this, if there is a situation where the button cannot be used, there are controls that the companion can use. Apart from these, there are also easy-to-apply disabled elevators that do not require a shaft. For each of the mentioned features, the price of the disabled lift may vary. Therefore, you must fill out the form completely when requesting a price offer for a disabled lift. In this way, you can get the price of the disabled elevator that best suits your needs from elevator companies.


    HİDROLİK ASANSÖR Ana sayfa hidrolik villa asansörü hidrolik montaj hidrolik asansör bakım montaj servis hidrolik asansör hidrolik asansör HİDROLİK ASANSÖR Ana sayfa hidrolik villa asansörü 1/7 HYDRAULIC ELEVATOR The hydraulic elevator is an elevator solution used in buildings that do not have an elevator machine room, have low traffic density and have certain travel distances . Instead of the engine room, a suitable floor on which the hydraulic unit will be mounted is sufficient. It can be used to carry people, loads, vehicles according to the needs; Hydraulic movement system is used in lifting vehicles designed as load platforms in areas such as stores, warehouses and factories. As the name suggests, hydraulic lifts provide cabin movement by means of a piston using hydraulic oil pressure. While the cabin's own weight is used in the downward movement of the elevator cabin, hydraulic oil pressure is used for the upward movement of the cabin. ABOUT US Our company stepped into the sector in 2002. With its knowledge, experience and experience, Adm Elevator started its activities in the elevator sector in 2016. During this time, we have improved the quality and trust standard, production assembly and after-sales service quality, material quality and company organization day by day and offered ADM Elevator to our customers as a safe brand. OUR SERVICES We provide 24/7 service, repair and maintenance services in elevator fault detection and fault repair. Contact and FAST PRICE OFFER... CLICK HERE HYDRAULIC ELEVATOR REVISION HYDRAULIC INSTALLATION HYDRAULIC ELEVATOR MAINTENANCE OUR REFERENCES OUR TAG SOLUTIONS Elevator tags are the tags attached to the elevators by determining the suitability or non-compliance of the elevator in the annual periodic control inspections carried out by expert control engineers in order to ensure the modernization of existing elevators in accordance with the regulation published by the relevant ministry. The tag taken during the controls made in accordance with the elevator regulation must be placed in a visible place in the elevator cabin. Tags are by color. BLUE TAG BLUE LABEL It is rated as low risk. There are no restrictions on use. RED TAG RED LABEL It is the tag indicating that the elevator is high-risk in terms of use. If the elevator has received a red tag in the inspection made by the control engineers, the use of the elevator is not suitable for life and property safety and should never be used. The malfunctions detected during the control must be corrected within 1 month, otherwise the elevator will be sealed and out of use. YELLOW TAG YELLOW LABEL Indicates that the elevator is at an acceptable risk level. Identified deficiencies must be corrected within 2 months. GREEN TAG GREEN LABEL ​ It means that the controlled elevator does not carry any risk in terms of use and is safe. The elevator does not carry any risk in terms of life and property safety. Hidrolik asansör ne demek? Hidrolik asansör Tahrik yeteneğinin hidrolik pompa ünitesi tarafından sağlandığı asansör dizaynıdır. Hidrolik yağının bir pompa ile kaldırma pistonlarına iletildiği ve kabinin direkt veya endirekt olarak pistonlar ile hareket ettirildiği sistemlerdir. Aşağı yön hareketleri kabinin kendi ağırlığı ile gerçekleşmektedir. Hidrolik asansör nasıl çalışır? Hidrolik asansörler elektriğin tahrik ettiği pompanın yağı basınçla itmesiyle pistonların platformu kaldırması esasına göre çalışır. Pompalanan yağı hidrolik g üç ünitesinden belirli şartları yerine getirerek geçip borular ve hortumlar vasıtasıyla hidrolik silindiri harekete geçirirler. Hidrolik asansör güvenilir mi? Hidrolik asansörler ideal olarak altı, yedi kat ve yüksek kg ve tonajlı yük asansörlerinde kullanılmaktadır. İçerisinde bulunan motor ve yağ pompası sürekli yağ içerisinde çalışır, aşınma ve korozyonu engellemektedir çalışmaktadır ısınma daha az olur aşağı yön güvenlik boru kırılma ve ve patlak boru valfi bulunmaktadır .. serbest düşüş engellemek için emniyet valfleri, hidrolik asansör yüksek basınç ve düşük basınç devreleri bulunmaktadır takılma ve sürtünme sıkıştırmasında devreyi iptal edip koruma moduna geçmektedir.. hidrolik asansör kurulumu diğer mrl ,direk askı , makine daireli ve dişlili asansörlere göre daha basittir. OUR CERTIFICATES EU TYPE EXAMINATION OF ELEVATORS (MODULE B) SERVICE QUALIFICATION CERTIFICATE TYPE COMPLIANCE OF ELEVATORS BASED ON PRODUCT QUALITY ASSURANCE (MODULE E) TRADEMARK REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE

  • Hizmetler | | İstanbul

    OUR TEAM CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW TO VIEW OUR CERTIFICATES. EU TYPE EXAMINATION OF ELEVATORS (MODULE B) SERVICE QUALIFICATION CERTIFICATE TYPE COMPLIANCE OF ELEVATORS BASED ON QUALITY ASSURANCE (MODULE E) TRADEMARK REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE By obtaining the CE (full quality assurance) certificate confirming that it has reached European quality standards, we have registered that we attach importance to safety, and we respond to elevator service requests in a very short time with the mobile service we provide in Istanbul with 3 vehicles. With the regular training programs we give to our service personnel, we carry the level of safety and quality in the work we do. We are affixing a new electric human and freight elevator, EN81-20, hydraulically driven human and freight elevator, EN 81-20, hydraulically driven human and freight elevator, EN 81-20, CE marked. We carry out the GREEN AND BLUE processes in the renewal and replacement of your old elevators in accordance with TS EN 81-80 standards. We serve our customers with our 24/7 on-duty services in accordance with the ISO Quality Assurance System criteria. HYDRAULIC LIFT LOAD LIFT

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