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  • First of all, before answering the question of how to install an elevator, the required controls are examined by our engineers for the Elevator Preliminary Projects of the Construction  firma in terms of checking the compliance of the desired existing elevator shaft with the Elevator regulation.

  • In case of compliance with the current Elevator regulations, a survey of the well where the Elevator will move is taken.

  • It is checked whether the well is completely smooth and the net dimensions of the elevator shaft are taken.

  • The requests of our customers are listened to and information is given about the products they have requested. Our company prepares the  Price Offer about the desired product in a short time and sends it to the customer as Mail and Offer File, accompanied by catalogues.

  • If the price and delivery time are agreed with our customer, the production of the project is started. 1/2 (Palanga System) drive system When the products produced by our solution partners and our company are prepared, the products are lowered to the construction site by keeping them in a locked room accompanied by our Monitor  Teams.

  • Preparations for Elevator Assembly Procedures are started. The number of elevator assembly crews varies according to the elevator dimensions.

  • All standard elevators can be built with a team of 2 people on the basis of an average of 30 days according to the number of floors.

  • Our company starts the installation process of the Expert Installers of the Adm Elevator. First of all ,  Safety first  Scaffolding is built in order to avoid danger in the elevator shaft and master well alignment operations are performed in the elevator shaft. After these processes, the rail and console assembly, which allows the elevator car and counterweight to go straight up and down, is completed.

  • Immediately after, the frame assembly of the elevator doors is completed and all necessary precautions are taken to prevent people from accidentally falling into the floor spaces. After the assembly of the Rail, Console and Door Frames, it is passed to the engine room section and the assembly of the machine table, the machine, the engine and the assembly of the elevator control panel, as well as the assembly of the electrical panel, the assembly of the machine room are completed until the connection stage.

  • The area that the passengers usually see, namely the elevator cabin, is installed and the elevator car is made ready by assembling the elevator button cassettes. After the cabin installation is completed, the elevator hanger, that is, the carrier rope connections are made and the regulator connections with the safety system are made and the installation is completed. Then, all electrical connection elements of the elevator are assembled and connected. And the Elevator Elevator is operated at very low speeds under the control of the installer, and the assembly and fine-tuning of the wings of the doors with door frames are carried out. After the assembly of all the assembly elements of the elevator is completed, a detailed control is made to carry out the necessary tests and controls.

  • After all the test procedures are completed by our Expert Installer team, the entire elevator is cleaned and maintained as if the elevator will be put into service, and the Type A Inspection Body is made complete on the day of the Inspection, and the system is shut down by preventing the operation until the day the necessary controls are made. Our company A Type inspection  for the control of the elevator installed to the establishment   is found in the application with the technical file and necessary authorization documents and the appointment date is determined by the A Type Inspection organization for the elevator to be controlled. In the event that the elevator checked on the specified date is not missing, the elevator is registered as safe with a green label and approved as  ve. After this process, an application is made to the head of the science department in the municipality of the district where the Elevator Installation is made for the elevator license procedures. Elevators are re-checked by the engineers authorized by the Municipality, and if they are found to be complete, the Elevator License Registration procedures are completed. After all the operations are completed, the elevator can be brought to a working condition, but there is no harm in keeping the elevator closed until the owners of the building where the elevator is built are moved, due to the fact that the manager is not elected in the new buildings and the installation company and the building management did not make an Elevator Annual Maintenance Agreement as per the Regulation. Remember that Elevators are Unsafe and carry great risks unless they are built within the framework of the Standard  . That's why we recommend you to have your elevator installations done with certified elevator companies and to always keep your elevator systems up-to- date  by following the required standards.

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