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We manufacture handicapped elevators in the form of stairs or platforms so that people with disabilities can easily climb stairs or similar heights.

With the mechanism attached to the edge of the stairs, it makes it easier to go up and down between floors. This type of elevators are generally used in homes, workplaces and villas. Apart from these, the necessity of transportation vehicles such as metro and tram stops has been realized  and these elevators have started to become widespread in these areas as well. Disabled lifts have versions that can operate vertically in short distances, as well as versions that can be applied with stairs. The type that can be applied to the stairs can go up to about 7 floors.

Disabled elevators can be produced in the desired color and size indoors or outdoors. In disabled elevators, the buttons are placed on the elevator in a way that provides convenience to the user. Apart from this, if there is a situation where the button cannot be used, there are controls that the companion can use. Apart from these, there are also easy-to-apply disabled elevators that do not require a shaft.

For each of the mentioned features, the price of the disabled lift may vary. Therefore, you must fill out the form completely when requesting a price offer for a disabled lift. In this way, you can get the price of the disabled elevator that best suits your needs from elevator companies.

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