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Hydraulic cylinder

  • Hydraulic cylinders are circuit elements that convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy and are used to obtain linear motion.

  • They can convert the hydraulic energy produced by the hydraulic pump into linear or angular motion with the help of a cylinder.

  • Hydraulic cylinder consists of two main parts as body and piston. We can think of it like a syringe.

  • In addition, sealing elements and fasteners are located on the cylinder.

  • Since it is used at very high pressures, the liner wall thickness is calculated according to the pressure it can handle.

Parts of the Hydraulic Cylinder;

  • Sleeve(Cylinder Tube )

  • Rod(Shaft)

  • Front Cover(Cap)

  • Piston

  • Back cover

  • Rod End and Sleeve Head

hidrolik, hidrolik asansör silindirleri
hidrolik, hidrolik asansör silindirleri
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